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Sod Installation





We can deliver and install 5 different types of sod to your home or job site!


Confederate Fescue Sod:​

Is a cool season species that is heat and drought tolerant, disease resistant, and minimal care.  Fescue may need to be reseeded each year due to summer heat and drought excesses.  Fescue also has a tendency to bunch as a growth pattern.

419 Hybrid Bermuda Sod:

Is a warm season grass that is typically fine textured.  Bemuda sod spreads easily and can sometimes be hard to control.  Bermuda sod does excellent with 8 - 10hrs. of direct sunlight, but not so well in shade.  It has very good heat and drought tolerance.


Common Centipede Sod:

Is a warm season grass that is slow growing and coursely textured.  Centipede sod is usually used in low maintenance  areas.  It needs minimal mowing and fertilizing, but does not do well with high traffic or shade.


Compadre Zoysia Sod:

Is a warm season grass that spreads well.  Zoysia is considered wear resistant and grows well in the Piedmont and Eastern Coastal Plain of North Carolina.  Zoysia sod is sometimes confused with Bermuda sod but has more course and upright leaf blades.


Raleigh St. Augustine Sod:

Is a warm season grass that does not do as well in cooler temperatures, but is the most shade tolerant of warm season grasses.  St. Augustine sod is dark green in color and has a course leaf texture.  It does very well in warm humid areas and was designed specifically for our area. 

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