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For over 20 years we have been dressing beautiful landscapes for homes in the Triangle, HOA's, and providing commercial properties with mulching solutions. Give us an email or call today and we'll help make your property look like the premiere location! 


Over the years we've built a really good team that is very considerate of property and home owners needs and understands that good communication is a must when working with people.  Our core principle is to make sure every client is happy with our work and feels confident that we'll take care of any possible issues without hesitation.  

Alex Cochrane the owner of MulchMan has been in the landscaping/mulch industry for over 35 years (legit). He began delivering mulch in high school with a pick up truck with a dump bed to earn money for college (and golf).  While attending NC State he worked for a landscaping company in Northern Virginia during the summers and breaks.  After college he started up a mulch and soil production company that provided delivery service throughout the Triangle, which he ran for 10 years. Now with the knowledge gained over many years in the landscaping/mulch industry MulchMan has taken off as premier installation service of landscape materials for the Triangle!

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