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Pruning and Yard Cleanup


Let us help you with yard cleanup. We can trim up the tree canopies to let more light in, freshen up the mulch or pine straw, get rid of those nasty weeds, add more color with a few well placed shrubs, fix that dead patch of lawn, solve that pesky drainage problem, prune up the hollies and re-locate those five little shrubs that your builder left you with that never seem to bloom the way they should. Our cleanup is designed to make your landscape “POP”. Are you getting ready to sell your home? Give us a call. We can add thousands of $$$ to your selling price just by cleaning the place up a bit.

Cleaning up your yard is perhaps one of the most significant and least expensive transformations that the outside of your property can undergo. We are all familiar with the term “curb appeal” and nothing creates that faster than simply cleaning up your property. Whether you are planning on being in your home for years to come or you are looking to sell your home, a Yard Cleanup is a simple, cost-effective way to immediately add value to your property.

Yard Cleanup’s generally include the following types of work:

  • Clean out landscaped beds to remove weeds, dead or dying shrubs and any other undesirable vegetation

  • Prune/Shape all existing shrubs • Re-Define all bedlines to create a clean, crisp separation between the lawn and the landscape beds.

  • Install new mulch

  • Prune existing trees to remove low lying limbs and raise the canopy

  • Remove invasive weeds and vines.

  • Remove all debris and clutter from the yard such as wood and refuse piles, broken or worn play equipment and any other items that may have outlived their welcome on your property.

  • Clean out natural areas and limb up low lying tree branches.

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